The Journey Starts Here


You will walk upon many paths in your lifetime.Some will lead you to open doors and some will cause every door you’ve opened to close.  We are here to open those doors back up , and to lift you back up. We are here to stop the breaking of all women , and We need you all to know that you never have to completely hit the ground in order for you to know that the path you began skipping down a year ago was the wrong path for you. Today we had the opportunity to meet these amazing girls who come from all walks of life , some worse or better than others and they were all so beautiful , each face told a different story and we were all open to hear them, we were all willing to embrace one another stories as our own. A jewels journey will allow you to unfold your soul and share parts of your selves you have let no other human see. Tiarra , Ellie Shadeyka , and Ajahneik are four young women with a plan to advocate for all women who are just like the girls they used to be , and to transform them into amazing women just like they are. So welcome this is only the beginning.

Calling All Jewels !!!!

We are Women,

The Ribs Of The Universe,

With Our Limbs We Have Built A World ,

A World That Has Failed To Except Us,

A World That Refused To Treat Us As Equals ,

But It Is Now Our Time To Take The World Back ,

Now It Is Our Time  To Claim Whats Ours,

And In Order To Do So We Must Begin With Our Youth.

We Must Raise Our Young Girls With Queen Mentality’s ,

And Through  This Sisterhood That Is What We Plan To Do.

Help Us Do So By Signing Your Girls UP ,

We’re Here To TransForm Your Uncut Diamonds Into Illuminating Jewels ,

We’re Here To Help Her Transcend Down Her Jewels Journey.